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What is Audvance Class A+ operation?

Class A+ stands for elevated bias current operation of the output stage, above what is common for Class A operation. By increasing the bias current the amplifiers behave in a more linear way, resulting is lower distortion.

Why does Audvance not use
any overall feedback?

Overall feedback is used by many manufacturers in the audio industry to lower harmonic distortion, yet other types of distortion are introduced which are caused by an interaction with the load (speaker impedance). To the human ear these types of distortion are more audible than harmonic distortion is.

What speakers will the
PA20 drive?

The PA20 can be used with any commercially available speaker. It will remain stable at all times, even if the impedance would drop below 1 Ohms and/or if the loading is capacitive or inductive.

Which pre-amplifier is recommended
with the PA20?

Any high quality pre-amplifier is suitable that will drive a resistive balanced load of 20kOhms. The best sound quality is usually achieved with a pre-amplifier that is balanced from input to output.

Which loudspeaker cables should I use?

We recommend thick cables with lots of copper. Keep cables as short as possible, just like any other cable. Cables can dramatically affect the sound quality of a system, so careful selection is important.

Is a netfilter or power regenerator useful?

The PA20 amplifiers have a filter in the power supply that is very effective. It suppresses most of the noise that comes from the power line. Additional external netfilters can negatively effect the sound quality of Audvance amplifiers. A power regenerator is less likely to affect sound quality in a negative way, but not likely to improve it either.

PA20 Monoraul Power Amplifier

The PA20 monoraul power amplifiers provide the most natural and uncoloured sound one can imagine. They do not impress with huge power numbers, but they do impress by presenting music the way it is recorded. These amplifiers are fully balanced, single ended and are way higher biased than regular Class A amplifiers are. We name this Class A+. While the PA20 amplifiers supply 20 Watts RMS of very pure power into any practical load, they draw over 500 Watts of power from the mains each. The unusual high bias currents are used to create a very linear amplifier that requires no unwanted overall feedback. This linearity results in very low levels of harmonic distortion and absence of any other forms of distortion. The PA20 will drive your speakers to new heights, including very low impedance designs. Balanced operation is possible by using both the XLR and the RCA input.




Output power:

20W RMS into any load from 1 Ohm to 10 Ohms

Input impedance:



24dB (XLR balanced input) or 18dB (RCA input)


6Hz-250kHz (-3dB)

Damping factor:

40 (8 ohm load to open circuit)

Power consumption:

600W maximum

Dimensions of each unit:


Weight of each unit:


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